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Next Erik Blood show:
--- Thursday January 22nd at the Hemlock, San Francisco, CA (with City of Women, Stres)

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Upcoming Erik Blood shows:

- Thursday January 22nd at the Hemlock, San Francisco, CA (with City of Women, Stres)
- Friday January 30th at LoFi, Seattle (with OC Notes, Grey Waves)
- Saturday February 7th, KEXP Audioasis
- Saturday February 21st at Barboza, Seattle (with Star Meets Sea)
- Saturday February 28th at Jewel's Catch One, Los Angeles (with THEESatisfaction)
Previous Erik Blood shows:


--- January 15th, Chop Suey, Seattle (with S (Jenn Ghetto), and Stres)


--- December 11th, Sunset / Ballard, Seattle, WA. (w/ Corey J. Brewer and Paul Gonzenbach)
--- September 24th, Chop Suey, Seattle (w/ Mahogany)
--- September 23rd, Hawthorne Theater, Portland (w/ Mahogany)
--- August 9th, Homeskillet Fest, Sitka Alaska
--- August 2nd, HOODSTOCK Festival, Seattle
--- July 2nd, Chop Suey, Seattle (w/ S (Jenn Ghetto), Web of Sunsets, and Finch Wolfe)
--- May 15th, Neumo's, Seattle (w/ Katie Kate and Pillar Point)
--- March 18th, The Tractor - Seattle, WA (with Shabazz Palaces and Ricky and Mark)


--- December 26th, Neumos - Seattle, WA (with Built to Spill)
--- August 16, The Vera Project - Seattle, WA
--- July 6, Chop Suey - Seattle, WA
--- May 24th, Sasquatch Music Festival 2013 - George, WA
--- April 13th, 'MO-Wave Queer Music Festival, Chop Suey - Seattle, WA
--- February 9th @ Neumos: "Dancing on the Valentine: A Cure for Leukimia" Benefit show w/ Adra Boo, Daniel G Harmann, Gibraltar, Head Like a Kite, Hotels, Lesli Wood & Jupe Jupe, Nightrain, Panama Gold, The Grizzled Might, Vox Mod


--- October 27th, Columbia City Theater w/ Kithkin, Tea Cozies, and Charms
--- October 6th, Reverb Festival, Sunset Tavern, Seattle
--- Thursday September 27th, Rotture, Portland
--- Friday September 28th, Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco
--- August 25th, Vibrations Festival, Volunteer Park, Seattle
--- August 18th, Slideluck Potshow @ VODA Studios
--- August 9th, "TOUCH SCREENS" album release show @ The Crocodile (with Hotels & Stres)
June 21st, Barboza, Seattle - with Mark Gardener (RIDE) and Sky Parade
--- May 25th, Comet Tavern, Seattle - CLOUDLESS with Mahogany and USF
--- January 10th at Neumos, Seattle (w/ Stephanie, Flexions, and OC Notes)


--- November 5th, Sunset Tavern (KEXP Audioasis Benefit), Seattle
--- July 7th, Comet, Seattle


--- August 14th, Comet, Seattle
--- July 2nd, Chop Suey, Seattle (w/ Bran Flakes)
--- June 10th, Sunset Tavern (Noisy for the Needy Benefit)
--- May 21st, Easy Street West Seattle (KEXP Hood to Hood 2010)
--- April 25, Sunset Tavern, Seattle
--- March 4th, Neumos, Seattle
--- February 26th, The Funhouse, Seattle (the Lights CD release show)
--- February 13, Someday Lounge (Cover Your Hearts), Portland
--- January 8, Comet Tavern, Seattle


--- December 9, Chop Suey, Seattle
--- November 7, Bob's Java Jive, Tacoma
--- October 23, Sunset Tavern, Seattle
--- October 3, Reverb Festival - Sunset Tavern, Seattle
--- August 7, Kelly's Olympian, Portland
--- June 16, Tractor Tavern, Seattle
--- May 25, Chop Suey, Seattle
--- May 7, Chop Suey, Seattle
--- April 18, Woodshed Studios (Noise for the Needy Kick-off Party)
--- March 19, Comet Tavern, Seattle
--- March 7, Sunset, Seattle (LIVE on KEXP Audioasis)
--- February 17, Chop Suey, Seattle
--- January, 22, Comet Tavern, Seattle

--- December 10, Sunset, Seattle
--- November 8, Mars Bar, Seattle
--- September 18, Comet, Seattle
--- July 25, Kelly's Olympian, Portland